UTokyo-KI LINK Kickoff Symposium

After a late blaze of summer, clear and crisp air spoke of autumn. In such a charming afternoon of this golden season, ICHIJO Hall held a wonderful symposium and welcomed scientists from both UTokyo and Karolinska Institutet. The intention of the symposium was to break ice, kick off walls and bridge the boundaries between two institutions and international research cooperation.President Fujii opened the scientific section of this symposium. In his welcome address, he emphasized the importance and value of international research network In this turbulent era, and acclaimed his great zeal and aspiration for LINK program. Following were the talks by researchers from UTokyo and Karolinska Institutet. The speakers shared their intriguing findings and sought for potential collaborations between two institutions. The audience also contributed the Q&A section. Prof. Y. Okada gave a talk on our new strategy to analyse the chromatin dynamics during spermiogenesis and application towards clinical purpose. We emphasized our ultimate objective was to resolve the global human infertility hardship. We kept in faith that we or our next generation would approach it some day in the future.Vice President Saito initialed the LINK program section. Drs. C. Björkegren and K. Shirahige prefaced the cornerstone of LINK program. I was deeply touched by their joint efforts and sincere passion which directly helped this program ge t off the ground.Nowadays, there is an increasing pressure for world-class universities and institutions to promote international collaborations, while simultaneously highlighting the opportunities for training and mentoring the next generation of postdoc or graduate students who will drive new discoveries forward. To promote both, LINK program is setup, and expected to work out more discoveries. After all, the only criteria for Nobel Prize of in Physiology or Medicine Award is “New Discovery”!Last but not least, the food and drinks in the evening social gathering was marvelous! People shared their findings and sushi with each other. Delicacies is just as needed as knowledge!!


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